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Daniel Maher



Olivia Mitchell 

Director of Operations 


Tess Andersen

Senior Digital Editor 


Noah Patterson

Director of Sales


We strive to transition and develop our customers to digitally dominate the new social era with affordable costs and leading science technology. To create a digital playground that will hold high standards for all digital creations. Helping a vast majority of businesses and start-ups to transition/create a digital face and reputable name. The Digital Clinic’s science technology gave us the key of confidence to sum up our exclusive strategies and methods to grow a business digitally: in a quad set package structure. The world is fast moving and it demands fast paced marketing and advertising strategies and structures to maintain your businesses in the other coexisting world, the digital world; where 100% of your consumers live. The Digital Clinic science strategies help your business/start-up to gain a solid foundation in the market and sets you forward to the new social era.​

-Kerolos Yousef CEO - K1Y


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